Friday, April 1, 2016

The Multicolor Pom

Images By: Oye Diran

I swear my photographer and I always have interesting things happen to us when we shoot. So as we were hunting down a spot to shoot, we spotted a parked Rolls Royce in the middle of a dead end street. We saw a few people walking past, but no one could spot out who the owner was. We then went up to the car, and I begged my photographer for us to take few picks quickly, but I tried not to get too close to the car, because I wasn't sure if there was an alarm. Like in my mind, I was wondering, who the heck would pack such a luxury car in the middle of a dead end road in lower manhattan. 

As we were walking away from the car, an asian man approached us and said to me, " If you want, you can take pics on the car, sit on it, heck stand on top of the car, I don't care." And my mouth literally dropped open. I said, "Wait, this is yours?," thinking this isn't his. He then proceeded to the car, and unlocked the door, to get something out of HIS CAR! lol he then said, "I don't mind, if you want to take pics, i'll even leave the car open for you, feel free to take pics inside of it, if you want." And that he did! And the rest was history. I couldn't believe how nice he was, and just continued thanking him. He literally left his car open and went back into a restaurant, leaving us alone with his unopened car. There are still a few nice people in this world. I was so nervous t enter the Royce, but i felt like money just sitting in it. See Photos below. Thanks for stopping by.

- xoxo Maryam

What I WasWearing:

Cape: ZARA


Flats: ASOS


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