Monday, January 11, 2016

Tassel Overload

Images By: Oye Diran

Happy New Year Everyone. Welcome to the first blog post of 2016. I Thank God we all made it to see  the New Year. I entered in the year at church. We had such an amazing service. I still can't get over how much fun I had. If you guys are familiar with African christian musicians, we had a few there, plus the Amazing Uche Agu perform. Best night EVER!
I have so much in store for you guys this year. So many more good outfits to show with my awesome photographer and you might be seeing me on a youtube near you soon as well. I promise to have loads of giveaways this year, because you guys have just been so good to me, with your love and support, so it's time to give back the same love to you all. 
God has been so faithful since day one of this New Year, and I am just so grateful. Hope you guys are ready for 2016 and all the wonderful things he is about to do for us this year, because I sure am. Make sure you write down a list of goals you want to achieve this year, and once you complete each goal, scratch it off the list. This year is all about being on track to the right direction. 
Stay Blessed folks!
Cheers Once Again to a New Year 


Jumpsuit: Zara (Similar)/ Tassel Blazer: Lavish Alice (old)/ Tassel Bag: ShopPrettyDifferent 


  1. hey please where did you get the tassel bag from.. nothing comes up on google under ShopPrettyDifferent

    1. hey hun, their site is under construction right now, but check out their IG. hope that helps :)


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