Monday, December 28, 2015

The Double Breasted Vest

Images By : Oye Diran

Happy Monday Everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday this past weekend. I'm sure everyone got some awesome presents, so be thankful guys. Not everyone is as fortunate as you or myself to receive anything. I want to apologize for my last post, where I stated to have up a last minute gift guide for you all. Timing got the best of me. But I promise, any more special holidays coming up, such as Valentine's day, I will definitely have up a gift guide for that.

So, it's literally Spring in Winter, with this global warming thing we've got going on right now. Like you literally don't need to wear a coat outside. A thick sweater or small leather jacket is all you need, and you would be good to go. No snow with only 3 days left in december! Wow! Counting down the days to New Years. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it lol. I will have a NYE outfit idea up for you all soon. 
Stay Blessed xx

Colorblock Sweater: American Apparel (Here)/ Vest: Misguided (Here)/ heels: Kate Spade (old)/ Pants: Zara (Similar)

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