Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Back To Reality

Greeting guys! I hope you all have been having a great year so far. I do apologize for my overde long absence. Thank you so much for the lovely feedback so far on my instagram and I’m trilled that you guys liked it. It’s been a long time coming, and I wanted to find a way to capture the beauty of the clothing as something very very special and beautiful, so to hear positive feedback makes it all worth it.
I just found a new photographer after months and months of searching and going on a hiatus just to settle myself down. His name is Arkeem and he is just nothing short of amazing. He was very patient with me, because to be honest, I can be a bit annoying lol. But I appreciate him honestly. And to my fellow viewers, I promise guys, no more long breaks! 
In the mean time, I will try to keep up with the blog content, but bear with me because this is still all new to me and I’m on an intense short term corse aiming to master how to blog and also master the art of posing. 
This summer is all about bright colors and shades for me. Try buying statement pieces that can be incorporated in any look, all year around. For example, this loose-fit trench fit is all that and more, and I'm here for it. This summer is also going to be mainly an all white summer wear. Something about an all-white look on melanin is to die for!  

I Was Wearing:
Zara Top (old), American Apparel white denm (Here), Zara Loose-Fit Trench (Similar), Steve Madden Pumps (Similar

Speak soon loves and stay tuned for my next post :)

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