Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Famous Double Buckle Skirt

Hey Yall. OMG so let me just get straight to it. I had this skirt saved in my zara shopping cart for THE longest while. The price tag was just not doing it for me. Then black friday came by and the price tag went down half off, and I said OH MY GOSH, I must get it. But then it was sold out n my size online. After searching so many stores, I finally found it, and it just happened to be the last one in my size, so I see it as it was fate lol. But yea, I can't stand zara, because after all that soul searching, they restocked it back online with my size -___- Happy shopping folks. Get it while you can :)

What I was Wearing:
Zara Sweater (similar)
Zara buckle skirt (here)
Asos shoes(here)


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