Friday, October 24, 2014

Fifty Shades of Brown

Happy Friday my loves :)

(Photos By: Joe Uzor)

Top: Necessary clothing (Here)
Pants:  Thrited
Shoes: Very old Zara Collection(Similar)
Clutch: H&M 
Hat: Thrift

For some reason,  I've been loving brown alot, so this post is to show how much brown I'm loving this season. How fun are these pants though guys? I'm in love! My boyfriend got them a while ago for me as a gift (isn't he the cuteset), and I've worn them before, but I don't think I styled them right the first time around. So I dedided to dust them out of the closet, and take them out again for a little spin. Have you guys ever bought those packaged underwear from h&m that comes like 5 in a zipped bag? Well that's exactly what my clutch is, that zipped bag. Hahahahaha lol, who would've thought you could re-use those things lol. So how did I do with this fit guys?

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