Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunshine Loving!

(Photos By: Joe Uzor)
Back at it like I never left :) Did you miss Me?

Hello World! Ahhhhhhhhh I missed you Guys!!!! I know, I Know. It's been a while, but let's forget the past. I have new thangs to show you all. I've had loads of time away from blogging, so that meant loads of time to shop. So stay tuned for more and more fab wear! 

These floral pants have to be my most favorite pants in the world. I wear them so much, it's ridiculous. I got them from Zara last year, so sadly it isn't sold anymore. But hnestly, Zara always comes out with the best statement pants every season, so I'm sure you can find something pretty close to these. I think yellow is my color this summer. The way it looks on my skin, MY GAWD! I'm in love. And let's not forgot these amazing shoes. It was the last one in Zara and yes, it was in my size, a $30 steal! I love a good Zara sale! 

I promise guys, I will never go away that long, ever again. Pinky Promise! Have a Great day Love Bugs <3 nbsp="">

Top: American Apparel (here)
 Pants: Zara (Similar)
Shoes : Zara
Bag: Kate Spade (here)
Arm Cuff: H&M(here)


  1. Love the shoes!!!!!!!

  2. Your face & bone structure is GORGEOUS!! Found you through your Fashion Bomb post and I definitely think you are a Bomber :)!!

    1. Thank you so much hun! Realy appreciate the love!

  3. Looking beautiful. I love the pant and band you are wearing in your hand.


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