Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Biking Gear

Biker's Unite! 

(Photos By: Joe Uzor)

Top: Zara (Similar)
Shorts: Zara (similar)
Sandals: Zara (similar)
Hat: Thrift (Similar)
Bag: Forever 21(similar)

This was just a simple fit I wore to bike out around the neighborhood and run some errands. Who says you can't look cute while biking? This summer has been all about comfort, and these shorts are THE best comfort wear, especially when biking. Ever since I got my bike as a birthday gift earlier this year from my sister and my lover, I can't stop riding. I need to get my legs toned, so if you see me riding in your neighborhood, say hello! I don't bite.
And yes, I took a break from my natural hair, and switched to my wig cap. This is called a mommy wig. I wanted a short cut so bad, but since I'm natural, and refuse to use the creamy crack, I decided to get some wigs for the styles I can't do with my own hair. So you guys will be seeing me in some more wigs, so stay tuned for that! Love, Love, Love it. Although, my boyfriend thinks I look like Joseline (the Puertorican Princess) with it lol. But yea, what do you guys think of my biking gear?

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